The days go by too fast

The days go by too fast
Amazed at how the years have flown and how old we all are!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Turn for the good!

We have much to be thankful for this morning as we get ready to join Sophia at Hopkins!

Yesterday was a day of steps forward and we are excited to see our little girl shining through more and more. We started the day with great stats and with no fever! She only slept a few hours through Friday night and so she was just exhausted. She would sleep for a hour or so and then get up and get mad about the many tubs and such stuck in her. We were able to give her water in small doses and it was if it tasted like icecream or the cake that our friend Tom introduced her to and she is obsessed about now! We had to make her cough after each drink and it is still really hard for her. She would make this pathetic little coughing sound and then shake her head up and down as if to say "I did it!". Ben, our nurse megan, and myself cheered for her so loud I am sure she thinks she is the best cougher in the world!

Mid-day we got a great surprise in that the doctors took all her drain tubes out! We were not prepared for all of them to come out but they thought she was ready! I stepped out of the room but I guess Ben brought some comic relief to the room as he was in there for the drain removal!

I walked in after to see a bare chested girl with just her scars that looked so good! Sophia continued to sleep most of the evening and seemed much happier without the many things taped to her! After dinner we got to give her a bit of a bath and so that we could change the sheets, I got to hold her for a few minutes. As soon as I had that sweet girl in my arms she nestled in and fell asleep in SECONDS! It was the moment I had been waiting for. She said "love you" to Ben and blew him a kiss...that is what he needed!

So...pray we continue to go forward! Her lungs have had a bit of a challenge and are not perfect so please pray that we see them clear up today. She is still on oxygen also.

Thank you again for your visits, food, and love! We feel so surrounded!


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John said...

Dear Sophia,

One day you will be able to look back on this and laugh about it, but during the days you go through it, no one laughs. But you will laugh one day soon.

I think it's kind of cool how you're getting your heart fixed by the doctors. Wow, that means you get to live a really long time. So cool.

Guess what? That's what!! Ha ha ha.
OK, really guess what? God has already fixed your heart on the inside and by giving you to Carissa, Ben, Jessie and Shane. The doctors will fix your heart on the outside, but God already fixed it on the inside.

Guess what else? When you came you fixed everybody else's hearts. Just by coming. Can you believe that? Pretty cool, huh?

Hey, hurry up and get well so I can play with you again, OK? Get out of that stinky hospital and go home! I'll see you pretty soon. I'll see you in your dreams. I'm the weird guy flying by like a rocket. I'll wave to you.

Close your eyes and you'll be home
Open your eyes and you're not alone
Doctors have fixed your little heart
God is so big and wants you to start
To be his big girl, so fun, so smart

Love you,

Uncle John