The days go by too fast

The days go by too fast
Amazed at how the years have flown and how old we all are!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 5...

Yesterday we spent the day in the ICU working to help Sophia stay calm and not pull our her many IV's and drains. She has the breathing tube out and has kept it out for 24 hours. She did not have a great day in terms of strides yesterday as she was put into seclusion due to being positive for MRSA. (She does not have the colonized kind) Her levels continue to be off some and she needed a blood transfusion. She did not sleep at all and only slept for a few hours last night. She was pretty agitated and very upset at her mom because she wanted water and due to the wetness in her lungs she was not able to have more than a spongeful. It was a gift to have her back in a way as she did the sign for water, and then stomped her feet on her bed when we said no. It was painful for me to say no to her for such a basic need when she really has no idea why we cannot give it to her! She did talk some and was responding appropriately. By late last night she was really done with me so I went home. I think she is exhausted and mad and unsure of why her mom is not making things better.

Right now we are waiting for her chest to clear up and drain tubes to be out of her chest. If we continue to move forward, she may be out of ICU on Monday or so. Pray for her to get stronger and for her stats to be stable. We are doing well considering but it feels like the more consistent sleep we get, the more tired we feel! I think the adrenaline has worn off! The boys are doing pretty well. It is a rough time for this family that needs structure! Thank you again for your love and care. We are so thankful for everyone. I have not been good about checking my cell phone messages so I am sorry!! Ben is better and Text messages are the best.

God is making it so clear to us that HE is in control, that we are in his hands, and that when Sophia came into this world, that He knew she would be here and part of this community of people who love her and pray for her...what a gift!

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Lori Sheppard said...

hey sophia! i got to sneak in to see you yesterday while i was visiting my friend eijah down the hall from you....i was glad to see you sleeping and resting with some of your tubes out! you looked pink and wonderful, and i know that mommy and daddy are very excited to see you getting better! hang in there kiddo! love you all - lori