The days go by too fast

The days go by too fast
Amazed at how the years have flown and how old we all are!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Out of ICU!!!!


Sophia is out of ICU!! We are so amazed at her strength and that we are already on floor 6 at Hopkins. She was ready this morning and moved this afternoon. She is doing well and is resting in her Dora pj's, hair has been washed, and she is finally able to get her fingers in her mouth and nose! (We are not going to fix that right now!!) We are thrilled but cried when she left Megan, our amazing ICU nurse who is now a friend! Please keep praying that her left lung will clear up. It has some fluid on it still and we need it to leave! This is the first time in her life that her oxygen saturation is at 100!!

We are just amazed.


Charles and Rebecca said...

Praise the Lord!! You are all in our prayers! Love, The Wearne's

Jackie said...

ahh, sleeping peacefully. what a beautiful site!

Betty said...

We are so grateful that prayers have been answered! What a picture of a content child! Thank you for the continued updates! ~Ben & Betty