The days go by too fast

The days go by too fast
Amazed at how the years have flown and how old we all are!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Story

It has been a while since our story has been updated so I thought it was time!
We are in the middle of our third month of being a family of five! What an amazing, challenging, beautiful time! In March we adopted our daughter, Sophia, from the Republic of Georgia. It was an amazing experience. In June of 2007 we heard of a sweet little girl and knew we were made for her. We left for the Republic of Georgia a few days before Saint Patricks day and had our adoption hearing on Saint Patricks day. We had a few bumps that led to Carissa staying in Georgia around 10 days longer than Ben (who needed to be back with our two boys). On April 5th we all finally all came home. So, now we are a family of five and it is a unique family at that!

Our boys (shane, 15 and Jesse, 10) are such great brothers! In October it will be two years that we have had them living with us. It has been quite a journey.

Every day we are more and more aware of God's goodness to us and how though we might see "disability" in others and ourselves first, God sees the person first and that is exactly what we who we want to be. We are so thankful for our children who teach us each day the truths of God.


John said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome, Awesome, awesome, awesome, Awesome, awesome, awesome, Awesome, awesome, awesome.

How cool is it that one young girl can be the period that closes the circle of love in a family. And not just any girl, this one. I can feel the iron fist beating all the men into place. FEAR ME, I AM SOPHIE!!!

The boys looks so proud and happy. I'm really proud of you guys reaching out so far beyond hope and care. Getting out of the boat KNOWING you would sink like Peter. But knowing you would be lifted back up again.

When do I meet her?



Daniele said...

yeah! I fully expect you to post often so that I can get a glimpse the life of this beautiful family of five. :o) Wow. Hard to believe the journeys you've been on for these kids...your heart is, as always, precious. lots of love to you.

Tom said...

What a great way to widen the scope of what God is doing in your guys lives!
We too, look forward to seeing "life as the Mortenson's" unfold!!

tom and jan

Jenelle said...

this is beyond beautiful. hope you can continue posting little bits here and there. much love!

King said...

We want more!!! :) I love hearing about how things are doing. You are an inspiration to me and so many others that have never even met you before. Can't wait until another update!

John said...

Having 3 unique grandchildren makes us unique grandparents! Thanks for the privaledge!
Mom and Dad Z